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Sports betting platform and app BetMGM, a Roar Digital’s product, hasentered WV on time for Super Bowl 54. Time will tell if the company has managedto seal a fair chunk of the total handle.
BetMGM Entered WV in Time for Super Bowl LIVWith the Super Bowl now over, some 26 million Americans bet onthe 54th edition of the event, and a total of $7 billion was wageredon the grand finale of the NFL season. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so manysportsbooks and casinos hurried up to set-up shop even days before the eventtook place.
BetMGM was among one of the late bloomers which pounced at the opportunity to set up its mobile sports betting in West Virginia. Drawing from the expertise of MGM Resorts and GVC Holdings and their subsidiary Roar Digital which is in charge of BetMGM, the company managed to set up operations on time with The Greenbrier, a local casino.
While it’s early to tell what the results for BetMGM were, the company willhave to prepare for tougher competition in the months ahead. DraftKings and FanDuelwere also part of the competitive landscape this month.
We will need to wait until the WV Lottery releases the officials figuresto see how the handle was affected by the Super Bowl in February.
Facing Tougher Competition in the Following Months. Delaware North has been caught in a dispute with one of its techproviders and has been in the process of switching suppliers.
An agreement with IGT and Genius Sports will now guarantee that for the company’s WV sportsbook. Yet, BetMGM should have captured a fair chunk of the betting bonanza that is usually part of the Super Bowl.
Even though March Madness, the next huge event in the U.S., mightgo in a slightly more competitive environment, the company should have gainedsufficient foothold to stand tall as a recognizable and viable betting choice.
In the meantime, there are more events American bettors like, to name Daytona 500 and the fight between Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder.
Expanding Beyond West VirginiaFar more importantly, BetMGM will not just rely on West Virginia, whichis a fairly small state with a limited betting population. Instead, the company is moving on other popular markets, to name Indiana and Nevada and specificallyahead of March Madness, which will be the next big source of total bettinghandle.
A quick expansion across the country is not necessary a sign of the desired results. In New Jersey, GVC CEO Kenny Alexander has expressed a subdued message that the company still needs to put in the work to make its product desirable – or in the very least more frequented.
A recent deal with Yahoo has helped integrate odds from BetMGM into Yahoo Sports, which will hopefully improve the overall exposure and desirability of the platform in Nevada and beyond.